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January, Wednesday 18th


As cosmetics and perfume packaging is constantly evolving, meeting the growing needs and expectations of consumers is the real challenge facing beauty brands. The container and speed with which it is made are key elements which experts in the sector ceaselessly rethink. Customer experience has to be optimal. Over 90 lectures in 2 days on innovation, development, trends and digital technologies will punctuate the PCD 2017 conference. They will be given by Innovation directors at leading beauty brands, like: Hervé Bouix, ESTEE LAUDER USA, Pascale Marciniak-Davoult, CHANEL and Pierre Ducastin and Olivier de Lataulade, L'ORÉAL, in addition to other renowned brands. Look up the conference programme for the ADF exhibition too, by clicking on this link: HERE.

9:00Opening of the exhibition

9:30 - 11:30ME1 - Beauty & Make Up Enhancement - The Packaging Innovation Hub

Chair: Hervé BOUIX, Senior Vice President Corporate Packaging Innovation, THE ESTEE LAUDER COMPANIES Inc., USA


Me1.2Exploring the senses of skincare luxury: Global consumer insights help define skincare luxury

Sandy Grégory, Associate Marketing Director Global Fragance & EU Beauty WestRock

What do consumers want out of their luxury facial skincare experiences? To better understand key drivers shaping today’s consumer experience of prestige facial skincare pumps, WestRock conducted a dual study incorporating consumer insights and in-lab ergonomics testing. The goal of the study was to identify luxury dispensing cues and how they impact brand perception. The insights research was conducted in both Europe, an established luxury market and in China, an exploding luxury market. Please join Mrs. Gregory as she shares the defining elements of the luxury skincare experience.

Me1.3Age Loc Me®: smart, simple customizable skin care

Delphine ROUX, RPC Bramlage south, Marketing & Communication manager

Delphine ROUX is in charge of Marketing and communication for the south cluster inside RPC Bramlage division. Formerly product manager for beauty & Personal Care for Promens, she is an expert on cosmetic market. RPC Bramlage is a plastic manufacturer recognized as an expert in high-quality plastic packaging solutions.  Delphine is focused on new packaging for the future and is working for new connected devices solutions. Her main objective is to develop packaging solutions that fit the trends and needs of end-consumers. Delphine ROUX holds an international business MBA from IDRAC Business School Lyon.


Thierry Sorhaïtz, Opportunity Innovation Director, Nu Skin International, USA

In his 20 years in the Direct Selling industry, Thierry has led Sales, Operations, Marketing and Business Development efforts in Asia, Europe and North America. In the last four years, Thierry has focused on developing innovative products and was instrumental in bringing together ageLOC Me. ageLOC Me is Nu Skin’s most advanced anti-ageing skin care technology with a unique delivery device for a truly personalized daily skin care regimen. A French native, Thierry resides in the USA where he graduated with an MBA from the University of Utah.

Me1.4Albéa introduces Lipstick & Co : Lipstick is a woman’s best friend!

Jerome Liard, New Product Development & Business Development Director, Albéa Cosmetic Rigid Packaging Product Line, Albéa, France

Lipstick is a woman’s best friend!

Albéa introduces Lipstick & Co, our technology & design platform that brings together all our packaging + mechanisms + expertise + industrial capabilities for lipsticks, lip balms, face sticks and pen sticks!


Come meet Jerôme Liard, New Product Development & Business Development Director at Albéa, who will offer an insight into Lipstick & Co’s latest launch: the high-performing, attractive, environmentally-friendly new Maestro mechanism.

Me1.5Click Stylo: a new gesture in lipstick application

Sonia Cerato, Category Manager, Quadpack Make-Up Division, Quadpack, Italy

Click Stylo offers an innovative delivery system for lip colour. Where lipstick tends to be actuated with a twist, this stick uses a click button that doses just enough colour for a single application. Click, apply, tuck it into your handbag; it’s fun to use and looks great, too. Plus, its small size makes it eminently portable, the ideal make-up companion for beauty on the go.

- Market positioning

- How it works

- Applications

- Technical features

- Decoration options


Sonia Cerato heads up the Make-Up Division of Quadpack Industries. A 10-year veteran in colour cosmetic packaging, she shapes Quadpack’s make-up offering, keeping track of global trends and innovations. In addition to supporting sales staff, she guides the Design & Engineering team in new product creation, both for Quadpack’s range and for bespoke development.

On joining Quadpack, Cerato was Project Manager for the Italian market and worked in sales on key accounts. She started the division in 2010, with the goal of increasing Quadpack’s penetration in the make-up sector. This includes setting up and maintaining business relationships with manufacturers and contract fillers. Between 2010 and 2015, colour cosmetics has grown from 5% to 25% of Quadpack’s business. The goal is to achieve 30% by 2020.

Based in Milan, Italy, Cerato is driven by a passion for beauty. Thanks to her situation, her experience and her own initiative, she has access to the main suppliers and keeps ahead of what’s new and what’s next.

Prior to Quadpack, Cerato worked at international filler Intercos, a leader in its field, for four-and-a-half years, first as a Packaging Developer, then in marketing in the packaging innovation department. Cerato is a graduate in foreign languages from the Catholic University in Milan.

Me1.7Necessity for child resistant packaging in cosmetic products – requirements, tubes solutions and marketed case study

Philippe Kern, Head of Material Science & Development, Neopac

As has been a necessity in certain pharmaceutical applications for many years, child resistant packaging (CRP) become increasingly important and may even be a necessity in certain cosmetic applications. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) most poisoning accidents with children involve medicines, household products and cosmetics. EU directives say that products which can be dangerous to the health of children must have CRP that meet the standards of ISO 8317 or DIN EN 862. In the US, regulations issued under the Poison Prevention Packaging Act require CRP for many harmful household products. This intends to help prevent children under the age of five years old from gaining access to those household products that could cause serious illness or injury.

For cosmetic products an example requiring CRP as a result of regulatory requirements and/or risk assessments is the trend towards highly concentrated solutions involving mixing steps performed by the end consumer himself, such solutions being toxicologically dangerous if children gain accidental access.

Neopac has a strong CRP history and has been among the first to introduce tube CRP in the market. This paper will discuss the need for CRP solutions in certain cosmetic applications based on regulatory requirements and guidelines in EU and USA. Technical and esthetical solutions for tube CRP packaging will be shown, and a case-study of a recently marketed Neopac tube CRP of a major brand owner in the US will be presented and discussed with regards to why a child resistant tube packaging was chosen.


Philippe graduated from ETH Zurich University with a master degree of materials science and obtained a Ph.D. degree in technical sciences from EPFL Lausanne University in 2002. After a post-doctoral fellowship related to magnetic materials research for hard disk applications at IBM, New York, and a group leading research position in biomedical surface engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Materials Science (EMPA), Philippe has been responsible for materials development and regulatory affairs at Hoffmann-Neopac AG since 2007.

Me1.8How can we offer a new vision of Beauty packaging for skincare and make-up?

Astrid Rutkowski, Innovation Director & Beauty Business Unit Director - Groupe Pochet, France

- An in-depth understanding of the specific Beauty packaging challenges and requirements

- A global and perfectly adapted packaging solution: creativity, innovation, technical and industrial approach

- Supported by the Groupe Pochet's key assets and added value

Me1.9From Asia to digital era, what news?

Pascale Gauthier, PhD, Pharmacy University of Clermont-Ferrand

At first 'cosmetics addict', asia swapped his follower status by the trends of new prescribers. Cosmetic products 'made in asia' invade the shelves, with ever more innovative ideas associated high-tech and tradition. Alphabets creams, cushions systems, texture effects and sophisticated formulas proposing ‘layering’, ‘contouring’ as so many trends and welcome ideas. What can be the next with the help of packaging integrate digital as creative partner.


Dr Pascale Gauthier is Pharmacist (D.Pharm) she got Masters in Biopharmaceutical (‘New gelification method’), a specific Master (DEA) in Pharmacokinetics (‘Pharmacokinetic study on hypertensive drug…’) and PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology (‘Rotogranulation process for manufacture spheres’) form Auvergne University. She is in charge of Marketing and Design courses in the Faculty of Pharmacy of Clermont-Ferrand, and was involved in several patents, international publications and conferences. Her researches were focused on modified release forms, pharmaceutical design & categories of users, digital in health area and she has been invited speaker in various international events (Drug Formulation Strategies, ADF, PCD, Glatt Technology Training Center) and various judging committees (WorldPack, Pharmapack, CPhI).

WORKSHOPDigital business development tools for packagers

Anne Aime, AIMECONSEIL, France

Over and beyond communication, how can digital tools be used for business development by players in cosmetic packaging ? How should one use these tools, and for what purpose ? How can the results be measured ? What are customer expectations ? Anne Aime, expert in B2B cosmetic company tools will describe the key points and answer your questions.

Expert in the digital transition of B2B companies and lecturer, Anne Aime uses innovative working methods based on User Experience. Aime Conseil assists B2B companies in the identification and implementation of digital means that serve their development. Its methods of work align visions, lend meanig to digital tools and guarantee creation. Anne Aime wrote the study : Digital tools and B2B companies evolving in a complex environment, 2016.

Discussions with participants

Lunch, Visit the exhibition

14:00 - 15:45ME2 - Fragrance & Perfume Sublimation - The Packaging Innovation Hub

Chair: Pascale Marciniak-Davoult, Directrice Recherche et Innovation Packaging, CHANEL

Me2.1Presentation of the session

Me2.2LUXE et MODERNITE (dans l’usage)/ TESTING/ SAMPLING (expérience consommateur)

Presentation by student representatives led by Chantal Artignan, Ecole Supérieure du Parfum, Adeline DIMIER, ESEPAC and Olivier Aron, Professor in Marketing

Groupe 1 : by the Student Representative

Groupe 2 : by the Student Representative


Adeline Dimier, ESEPAC


Olivier Aron, Professeur en Marketing

Me2.3The unbreakable

Astrid Dulau-Vuillet, Responsable Marketing International, VERESCENCE

The democratisaton of travel, housing, the quest for discovery, experiences, adventure…

Millenials looking for more affordable novelty with modes of consumption more focussed on experience and sharing…

New consumers who put on perfume several times during the day.

These are a few examples of the broad trend towards lifestyles on the move and changing patterns of consumption

Consumers are looking for small volumes, with sturdy packaging compatible with all formulations, even the most sensitive. They want recyclable materials, which comply nonethless with luxury standards.

The unbreakable, an Verescence innovation, is a real packaging solution that combines safety, strength and quality. It is designed for all markets : beauty, perfume and even make-up.

A graduate engineer from Polytech ‘Lille, Samuel began his career in 1994 as project manager and then quality manager at Saint-Gobain Desjonquères de Mers-les-Bains.


A graduate of EDC, with a specialisation in Marketing, Management & Design, Astrid has been working for over 15 years in the cosmetics sector. After 7 years at Revlon in operational marketing followed by make-up and beauty product development, she joined Verescence in 2008, the world leaders in glass bottles for perfumes and cosmetics. In 2015, after a dual career in marketing and commerce, he became marketing director of the group.

Samuel Joachim, Directeur Innovation and New Products Development, VERESCENCE

He then went to Germany to join the Saint-Gobain Kipfenberg Quality Department in the pharmaceutical sector.

In 2002, he moved to Pechiney, where he was Quality Director for the 5 plants that belong to Techpack America à New York.

After an executive MBA ESSEC at Mannheim in 2008, he joined the Italian company, Bormioli Rocco, where he deals with the quality of development and finishing.

Then, in 2013, he returned to Verescence to head the Innovation and Development of New Products Department.

Me2.4Glass melting carbone mission reduction in luxury packaging

Simone BARATTA, R&D Manager, BORMIOLI LUIGI, Italy

In a world and a market constantly evolving towards a reduction of the impact of packaging on the environment, the glassmaker Bormioli Luigi has developed and implemented a CO2 emission cut policy, which has allowed since 2014 a saving of 5,400 tons of CO2 due to melting, and will reach an overall saving of 17,000 tons by 2020, with a 80% cut of yearly emissions due to glass melting in 6 years.

The starting point are the electric glass melting furnaces which Bormioli Luigi is running since 1986.

Within the essential key value of product luxury and quality, a wide range of technologies covering several areas have been put in place to reduce environmental impact:

the design of electric furnaces (done internally), allowing to increase the percentage of recycled glass to 50%; the treatment process of external recycled glass; the discoloration of glass, allowing to guarantee the high quality level.

Looking ahead, our vision ─ viable and realistic ─ is to propose an eco-designed glass packaging (like our ultra-light luxury Eco-Jars), produced with a glass 100% melt using renewable energy sources, and made of 100% recycled glass.


Simone holds a Master in Chemistry; in Bormioli Luigi since 2001 and grown up in the glass technology area, he is in charge since 2009 of the R&D department. Strongly involved in the technical innovation process in the fields of glass, coatings, decoration and new initiatives.

Frédéric holds a Master in Physics; in Bormioli Luigi since 2006, he has worked with customers on product quality and technical development in the perfumery market. Since 2013 in charge of the Marketing department of the glass container division. Strongly involved in the innovation process on the customers’ side.


Frédéric MONTALI, Marketing Manager, BORMIOLI LUIGI, Italy

Me2.5Testing/Sampling : New concepts to sublimate the CX (customer experience)

Agnion Mpierre, Managing Director,Saabelis, France

Even Perfumes launching rise continuosly year by year, customers paths toward the perfume or new brand are always the same, while don’t look troublesome. Luxury should always means the promise of the new experience, offering both new gestures and ritual, suggesting fun experiments and multi sensory objects.

As it is well established now, the customers are more and more looking for informations on about they are willing to purchase, the new technologies are opportunity to bring the discovery process into the shop on the new level by engaging the customer and sharing emotional informations.

Me2.6Turning the dip tube on it’s head!

Michael W. Pritchard, MBE, CEO, Pritchard Spray Technology ltd, UK

Revolutionary innovation in dispensing industry is rare. And yet when it comes to satisfying customer needs there are still 3 fundamental problems yet to be solved. How to:

1. use products in all orientations 

2. remove 100% of the product

Anyway Spray dip tubes are truly revolutionary. They solve all three problems for all 3 dispenser types. In this conference talk Michael Pritchard, MBE will take you through the physics of this groundbreaking technology showing you, with practical examples how and why it works. He will demonstrate the many consumer, environmental and manufacturing benefits and advantages the technology offers and discuss how you could consider using the technology in your products.

Me2.7Perfumes 3.0 – How products’ digitalization can make perfumes more intimate, more exclusive, more enjoyable.

Patrick Eischen, CEO, Selinko, Belgium

We will focus on smart products and packaging that reconnect the brnd with its consumers. Selinko’s expertise in connected products and packaging is widely recognised. Our platform enables brands, through a single technology, to combat counterfeit and the grey market, and to increase consumer commitment via innovative marketing services….simply by scanning a product with a smartphone.


Patrick is a Belgian engineer and co-founder of Selinko, the one-stop shop for brands that wants to connect their products to the Internet of Things.

Patrick’s passion for wine led him to begin working at Selinko in January 2012. He and a couple of friends purchased a small high-end winery in Tuscany which led him to develop innovative ideas in combatting counterfeit activity and reconnect producers with their consumers. His approach is built on collaboration among all actors involved in the product life cycle (e.g., R&D, manufacturing, suppliers, distributers and customers). Patrick has a Master’s in Engineering from the University of Brussels. He is a Lecturer at the Solvay Business School of Management in Brussels on “the business value of IT” and also a TEDx speaker addressing ”From Bones to Satellites.” His past experiences include serving as the Chief Information Officer at the IBA Group (http://www.iba-worldwide.com), and Dimension Data Europe, as well as the Chief Executive Officer for Booksinspired.

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19:30End of the first day, Closing of the exhibition

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January, Thursday 19th

Opening of the exhibition

9:30 - 11:30JE1 - Magnifying « consumer » packaging, new services

Chair: Pierre DUCASTIN, Head of Packaging Europe, L’OREAL, France


Olivier de LATAULADE, Finishing Techniques & Printing Expertise, Glass Expertise, L’OREAL, France

Je1.1Presentation of the session

Je1.2Digitalization: how to build the future of packaging for luxury brands?

Anne-Laure Bulliffon, Packaging Innovation Leader at Profil’Pack Inc. (Canada) and Alpes Packaging (France)

Since the early 1990s, the Internet is evolving fast, from basic publishing to global social interaction with challenging adaptation to a fast-paced interconnected environment. So-called «Digital Native», consumers born from 1995 are already fully digitally intertwined into everything they do. Even the factories are living a cyber revolution that is substituting mass production by a large-scale customized production without additional costs or time.

Through the case of study of a luxury brand customer, I will tell his story and show how we helped them to define a winning strategy to meet the new challenges of a saturated market, seduce new generations of consumers and fight global economic threats within this inevitable digitalization race.


Anne-Laure Bulliffon shares her time between Quebec where she founded Profil’Pack, a Montreal-based packaging design and engineering boutique and, France where she develops business opportunities for Alpes Packaging based in Annecy (74).

Thanks to this american-european partnership, Profil’Pack and Alpes Packaging are both dedicated to bring agility, confidence and autonomy to the CPG companies to launch successful market-leading products. They combine the synergy of their team of experts specialized in industrial design, packaging engineering and strategy in order to instil an holistic and collaborative approach in leveraging concepts, technologies and materials to fuel the innovation pipeline and deliver the business growth agenda.

Anne-Laure holds a Master Degree in Packaging Engineering from the University of Reims in France (ESIEC) and has 12 years of extensive knowledge in packaging project management and commercialization, more particularly for cosmetics and consumer packaged goods products.

Je1.3Anticipate customers’ needs with the connected and customised packaging

Antoine Tesquier Tedeschi, Brand Manager MYPACK CONNECT

Have you ever wonder who your real customers were?

Who actually is interacting with your products or what happen to a product sample after a marketing press campaign?

MYPACK is a free mobile app for packaging recognition that let users identify products and access relevant information.

Brands can transform any existing product packaging into a digital platform where they can publish relevant content, promote marketing offers, retrieve customers’ feedbacks, leverage e-shop websites, and gather relevant data. Customers can also digitally personalise their purchase as MYPACK can make each packaging unique without any embedded technology thanks to a unique graphic savoir-faire.


Antoine has been from L’Oréal - Travel Retail Americas - PCI Luxury Division / Brand Manager

Hu2 - London / Founder & Creative Director

Hu2 Charity - Paris / Founder & Creative Director

Tes-Ted - Paris / Founder & Creative Director

MyPack Connect - Paris / Brand Manager

Je1.4“New” buyers and mass personalization drives further automation. An opportunity for the packaging industrY

Marc Schillemans, VP & GM of Landa Digital Printing EMEA, Israel

We face “new” buyers that want products that are specific to their needs. They want them quickly and have less brand loyalty. Everything has become on-demand: communication, gaming, and entertainment. Everything has become more personalized: knowledge, news, and advertising. Everything is becoming greener and safer with 60% of consumers wanting to buy from environmentally responsible companies. The world of packaging is changing accordingly. Product proliferation, on-demand production, and mass customization are key differentiators. Brand owners and the packaging industry are already responding to these unique and irrevocable trends and opportunities. Digital printing is a critical part in creating a fully automated end-to-end solution. Landa intends to be the driving force of digital printing within these advanced automated ecosystems.


Prior to joining Landa Digital Printing, Marc served as EMEA VP & GM for HP Indigo & WebPress and previously as VP Sales & Services at Agfa Graphics Systems. In these roles, Marc was responsible for worldwide sales, global services and application support. When Marc was GM of Xerox Direct in Germany, Senior VP at Xeikon and Esko-Graphics, he was responsible for direct sales, channel development, OEM partnerships and marketing strategies for the various technologies and products of these companies.

Jean Baptiste Bardinet, Regional business Manager, France

Jean-Baptiste has a degree in Economics from de l’INSEEC Paris (Institut des Hautes Etudes Economiques et Commercial) . He brings many years of experience in the commercial print market. 6 years as strategic account Mgr. in HP Indigo. 2 years as General Mgr. of Groupe Icônes, a well-known, family owned commercial printer in France. And 3 years as General Manager of Laboratoire Effinov Nutrition. Beyond his sales capacity, he brings a lot of in-dept business understanding, managing end-to-end, a printing business.

Je1.5DIGITAL METAL® Real metal in digital printing as of the first piece ©by

Stéfanie Schmidt, Product Manager DIGITAL METAL®, Kurz

Applications aplenty

The innovative DIGITAL METAL® enhancement process features versatility of design and makes it an attractive alternative to metallized paper or cardboard.

DIGITAL METAL® lets you choose from different paper and certain plastic materials and allows you to remain flexible.

Je1.6Design and modeling - Match innovation to the latest technical possibilities

Raphaël Durand, Directeur Général ETIQROLL & GIGAULT, France

- The development process from the agency standpoint : customer brief, drawings submission, exe files, prototypes, production

- The search of technical solutions to meet the customer needs, the first trials

o The importance of a dedicated product manager

o 3D printing for the packaging

o The flexbility of an adhesive label to make some design trials

o Mixing different printing technics, how to simulate them for some trials

- What are the constraints and how to work around them

- How to be different when everyone wants to be different

Matthieu Reumaux, Directeur Général PERFRANCE, France

Je1.7Relief Effets with Vitralit UV Technology

Pascal Arnaudin, Product Mangager "Glue and UV devices", eleco-EFD

Visual and tactile enhancement of your products.

Decoration of your bottles or packagings with relief effects

- Water drop effect

- Drawing, logo, signature

- Special edition, etc

Je1.8Great progress on 3D Printing technology changes the traditional packaging way.

Christine Nie, CEO of Yichang Lihao Color Packaging, China

3D Printing packaging now is leading traditional packaging methods to a new era. 3D packaging box makes images more vivid to show products. Our technician team spent 5 years to make the 3D lenticular printing a great progress, which makes the animation effects more fluent and color brighter. Just like a short lively video on the package box to show the products features. Our new 3D lenticular printing technology has been certificated as national patent printing skill in China. It can have 5 effects, including 3D depth, animation, flip, zoom and morph effects. You can enjoy the 3D effects without glasses. By applying these effects on packaging box, clients can easily catch the product features, which make the products more distinguish than the others on the shelves. 3D printing always beyond your imagination, it is not just a normal packaging box, but a artwork that has collecting value!

Lunch, Visit the exhibition

14:00 - 15:00PCD Awards Ceremony

Chairs: Alain BETHUNE, Expert Packaging


Michel DUPUIS, Cojemial Conseils, France

Keynote lecture

Sylvie Bénard, Director of Environment, LVMH – MOËT HENNESSY LOUIS VUITTON

© Patrick Zachmann Magnum Photos

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18:00End of the second day, Closing of the exhibition