PCD Awards

The PCD Price is the Holy Grail that rewards the most recent innovations launched on the market in 2016. In addition to highlighting several years’ work, it denotes recognition by a jury made up of perfume and cosmetics packaging experts and journalists. For the 13th consecutive edition, the following categories will be competing : skin and hair care, make-up, perfume and personal care.
The ceremony will take place on 19 January 2017 at 2 p.m. , Attendance is free !

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  • Mirabelle Belloir, LSA
  • Hervé Bouix, The Estée Lauder Inc.
  • Maxime Buathier, Emballages Magazine
  • Eric Cabriot, LVMH FB
  • Pierre Ducastin, L’Oréal
  • Bruno Garnier, Carrefour
  • Vincent Gallon, Premium Beauty News
  • Jessica Huynh, Cosmétiquemag
  • Xavier Leboucher, Puig
  • Véronique Liabeuf, Venise Botticelli Creative Branding
  • Pascale Marciniak-Davoult, Chanel
  • Jean-Louis Mathiez, Cinq.Pats
  • Andrea Spinosa, Coty

Winners PCD 2017

  • Personal Care - Hair

    • Kanebo – Evita Beauty Whip Soap


      Kanebo »

      Evita Beauty Whip Soap

      The aerosol that turns facial cleansing into Roses.

    • Certificate

      L’Oréal Paris »

      CASTING Hair Dye Laminated tube

      A more environmentally friendly packaging innovation with a specific design to preserve the formulation.

      L’Oréal Paris - CASTING Hair Dye Laminated tube

    Make Up

    • Lancôme – Liner Grandiose


      Lancôme »

      Liner Grandiose

      Grandiôse features an ultra-fine felt tip with a pack that comprises two application positions thanks to a top that swivels 35 degrees.

    • Award

      Lancôme »

      Juicy Shaker

      This shaker pack contains a soft lip applicator with a fun, surprising design.

      Lancôme - Juicy Shaker


    • Chanel – La crème douce


      Chanel »

      La crème douce

      An ergonomic screw-top jar without threading.

    • Certificate

      Roger & Gallet »

      Serum Aura Mirabilis

      Dosing thanks to cylinder/piston system that draws in a precise dose when the top is unscrewed.

      Roger & Gallet - Serum Aura Mirabilis

    Men Perfumes

    • Cartier – L’envol


      Cartier »


      The top of Cartier’s l’Envol comprises a mechanical raising and lowering system.

    • Certificate

      Diesel »


      Exceptional glass texture quality linked to laser marking : embossed text which stands out against very clear background decoration.

      Diesel - Bad

    Women Perfumes

    • Carolina Herrera - Good Girl


      Carolina Herrera »

      Good Girl

      The new styletto -shaped Carolina Herrera perfume, available in 80/50/30ml.

    • Certificate

      Armani »

      Packaging with an exceptional, jointplane-free pressed glass top.

      Armani – Sì
    • Chanel - CK N°5 L’Eau


      Chanel »

      N°5 L’Eau

      An exceptionally good-looking undulating cover.

    E @PCD

    • Certificate

      La Roche Posay »

      My UV Patch

      The first connected UV patch which helps to do the right thing to protect skin from the sun.

      La Roche Posay – My UV Patch


    • Chanel – Gift Prestige Sublimage 2016


      Chanel »

      Gift Prestige Sublimage 2016

      Luxury pack for an haute couture cream.

    • Certificate

      Lancôme »

      Limited 50th anniversary edition Absolu L’extrait

      A gold metal anniversary gift pack perforated like lace to look like a jewel case.

      Lancôme - Limited 50th anniversary edition Absolu L’extrait

Hervé BOUIX, Senior VP Packaging Innovation The Estéen Lauder Companies
PCD Awards 2015 Winner for " Re-Nutritiv Ultimate Diamond Sculpturinng / Refinishing Dual Infusion " Estée Lauder , Skincare Category

Hervé Bouix We are always very happy to receive an Award and wish to thank the members of the Jury. The person who followed this development is coming specially from New York to receive the Award and attend the various lectures.


Pascaline Guillemot This PCD Award is very gratifying because it underscores the work of the suppliers and the brand. The challenge with the « Flower in the air » perfume was to achieve this rendering on both sides of the top, by means of a heat-proof image on a film bonded thanks to the surlyn. PCD is an opportunity to exchange, I was very surprised to see all our partners were present. It is a wonderful initiative. The goal is to pinpoint market trends and discuss projects underway and future briefs with our partners. We are always on the lookout for technical solutions, so it is also interesting to scout for new partners to achieve our goals. It is an excellent format. I will come back next year with pleasure to look for new innovations.

Francis CHAUVEAU, Hermès

Francis CHAUVEAU ‘We won a PCD award and peer recognition is the first step towards success. All our colleagues in the profession are present ! I have worked in the packaging sector for about ten years. This congress-exhibition is an opportunity to bring together a network of professionals, to show ideas and facilitate contacts. The quest for innovation will become increasingly decisive. We are deeply attached to high quality objects. Regulatory pressure on packaging will raise increasing numbers of technical problems, so it is the ideal time to bring the network together.’

Vincent Fourcault, Chef de projets Développement Packaging - Axe Maquillage – Parfums Givenchy, LVMH Fragrance Brands
PCD2013 Special distinction for « Le Rouge » in « Make-up – Lips category »

Testimonial ‘We are particularly honoured to receive this award as it is a sign of recognition by experienced professionals in our area. The initial brief pointed towards a return to the "couture" spirit of Givenchy: the leather and the pyramids at the base of the tube are evocative of Ricardo Tisci's work. We drew on the expertise of the supplier and the experience of the LVMH goup.  We made a large number of sample prototypes and had proposals for 15 different types of sheep's leather.  The final choice was dictated by the technical constraints (bonding and lining of the sheath) and resistance tests. Once the leather had been selected, industrialisation raised cutting and storage issues that called for further tests, which proved the stability of the material. Furthermore, user tests and transport highlighted the excellent resistance of the leather, which acquires a patina and does not get damaged. This award proves that we made the right choices, and I hope it will encourage us to continue along this path!’

Aline Abergel, Chef de Projet Prospective Packaging, L’Occitane en Provence
PCD2013 Special Environmental distinction for « Bonne Mère » in « Hygiène category »

Testimonial ‘This new range is a project that has enabled us fully to use our eco-design tools; it embodies our long-standing policy of environmental accountability (-33% material for the same amount of product). The key innovation in this packaging lies in the use of a bio-plastic - a polyethylene entirely made of sugarcane. We do not use any secondary packaging. The Bonne Mère pump can be unscrewed and removed for selective sorting or re-used on the eco-refilled bottle. This is the end result of lengthy R&D, which involved any number of prior studies, followed by work by the marketing teams, which focused on the bio-polymer rendering and commitment to eco-design, which was a real priority. For the very first time, purchasing managers were directly involved in the purchase of a plastic material and the packaging and development teams were involved in the technical aspects of this move to eco-design. We are very proud of this award!’

Jean Christophe Poitrine, Responsable Achats Packaging, Bvlgari
PCD2013 Special distinction for « Jasmin Noir » in « Presenting boxes category »

Testimonial ‘This packaging was created for our ‘Mon Jasmin Noir’ line at the request of our strategic marketing department, which wanted to propose an exceptional gift pack. 
 The Creative Marketing Department thus proposed a drawing of a cylindrical gift pack inspired by the Boboli gardens, where plant-covered arches reveal and then hide works of art as one walks through. The ‘Jasmin Noir’ box stands out thanks to several distinguishing technical features: it is made by hand, it opens simply by turning the ribbon (which also provides for safe transport), an innovation entirely made of cardboard, the products are kept in a vertical position and, finally, any number of superimposition constraints had to be overcome when positioning the decoration on the external cylinder vis-à-vis the arches and decoration inside.
 We chose to work with Knoll Prestige Packaging, which has the requisite skills and production capacity to make the presenting box, mainly by hand plus a small amount of automation.’

Hélène de Châteauvieux, Acheteur Développeur Packaging Evènementiel, CHANEL, France
PCD2012 Awards Winner for “Echantillon parfum N°19” Chanel, Samples Category

Hélène de Châteauvieux « This prestige sample, which fully reflects brand values, invites consumers to discover the new CHANEL N°19 Poudré fragrance and introduces new consumers to the N°19 universe. The artist chose to focus on the number, the emblem of this fragrance, and to highlight this iconic number (birthday of Gabrielle Chanel) to illustrate the marketing claim "Audacity has a number ". This gave rise to the idea of POP UP "N°19" and makes this sample special and surprising. Designing this gift pack, a real technical challenge, became possible thanks to Chanel’s partnership with Créanog, elected master of art in 2011. Together, we developed the mechanism by multiplying the cutting, scoring, folding and gluing trials to get the « 1 » and the « 9 » perfectly aligned when the pack is opened. Within a very tight deadline (development, production and manufacturing in just 4 months), we were able to make over 60,000 using an entirely manual process.»

Gaëlle Lips, Chef de Projet Développement, L’OREAL, France
PCD2012 Awards Winner for “Flowerbomb” VIKTOR & ROLF, « Collector » Perfume Category

Gaëlle Lips « For this Love Me Tight limited series by Flowerbomb, we chose a glass bottle decorated with a very « fashion designer » interlacing of black satin ribbons. The prize awarded us by the PCD Awards jury underscores the challenge involved in making this decoration made up of textile ribbons glued onto the glass bottle.»

François Martin, Responsable Packaging Maquillage L'OREAL Produits de Luxe, France
PCD2012 Awards Winner for “ Gloss Vernis à lèvres ” YSL, Make Up Category – Lips Complexion

François Martin «« Vernis à lèvres » is an elegant, innovative beauty accessory that offers the combined expectations of a gloss, a lipstick and a lip stain. Presented in a black bottle similar to nail varnish, this achievement sought to provide protection and a presentation suitable for this innovative formula. Highly technical, it comprises two PCTA molded parts, a window to see the colour proposed, a flexible wiper, an ultrasound welded neck, a flocked applicator, an applicator holder insert and an anodised, aluminium, tampoprinted sea.»