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Philippe Thuvien, L'Oréal

Hervé BOUIXADF&PCD are congress-exhibitions that stress work and interactivity; they offer a fantastic wealth of opportunities. Many proposals and innovations are decided upon, imagined and shared at the venue. Moreover,ADF&PCD have the huge advantage of extremely easy access; facilities are optimal and logistics streamlined, making it very simple and practical to send our teams.“

Andrea Spinosa, Coty

Hervé BOUIX “A wonderful opportunity for networking and discussions on recent achievements by our suppliers, or for making contacts for future projects.“

Francis Corbellini, , The Estée Lauder Companies

Hervé BOUIX “It is a highly professional, intimate event with all the suppliers on the spot and a large choice of lectures.“

Hervé BOUIX, The Estée Lauder Companies

Hervé BOUIX “At the conferences, one is sure to learn something. The great advantage is to have all the suppliers at the same venue, where we can really talk and exchange with all our current suppliers over a 2 day period. In terms of international scope, there are 60 countries represented. For Estée Lauder, this is the year with the greatest number of representatives from the United States, so it is a real plus; it is a congress-exhibition that has become truly international.“

Simon ELMER, Procter & Gamble

Simon ELMER “I am here in Paris specially to come to this show. I saw a lot of people on the exhibition, and we talked about projects happening. I expect to come back next year and to follow conferences that were very interesting. I like the concept that brands like L’Oreal use this event to invite their suppliers to talk about technologies. It was interesting to get other point of view from colleagues and from the competitors. There is a real mixture of general and technical information. As a member for the first time at the PCD Awards, it was nice meeting people from the industry. We talked about last year launching and realized that in this industry there are great innovations in prestige packaging.“

Staffan SJOBER, Iggesund

Simon ELMER “In this exhibition, we have a lot of big brands. We are here to meet all our collaborators and customers in the cosmetics business. France and Germany are two big markets especially within prestige or luxury packaging. It’s very interesting to be here, to see what’s going on, on our sector. It’s very natural for us to be at PCD

Francis CHAUVEAU, Hermès

Francis CHAUVEAU “I have worked in the packaging sector for about ten years. This congress-exhibition is an opportunity to bring together a network of professionals, to show ideas and facilitate contacts. The quest for innovation will become increasingly decisive. We are deeply attached to high quality objects. Regulatory pressure on packaging will raise increasing numbers of technical problems, so it is the ideal time to bring the network together. We won a PCD award and peer recognition is the first step towards success. All our colleagues in the profession are present !“

Arnaud MASTAIN, Dupont Packaging

Arnaud MASTAIN “We have been present since the first edition of PCD, which grows bigger by the year yet continues to retain its family, user-friendly spirit. Each year, this event features prominently in our schedule as we have the opportunity to meet our direct and indirect clients. Over the years, innovation units have sprung up among the various players, including Dupont de Nemours through its innovations. PCD thus enables us to showcase our innovations on our stand. We glean high-quality technical information and learn about market trends.PCD and ADF attract more people and offer synergies in terms of attendees. This conference-exhibition is becoming more international, in particular through the participation of emerging countries, which come to PCD to draw inspiration and acquire the technologies of the future.“

Christophe Baudry, Metsäboard

Christophe Baudry “Our group attaches great importance to a sustainable environment in addition to innovation, and PCD is the ideal place to present such innovations. The conference programme is always rewarding in terms of presentations and the range of companies that give lectures. The result is highly positive; PCD provides for good networking with our clients and new companies, it is truly THE place to be! You can count on us for the 2014 edition!“

Frédéric Cieutat, Model Group

Frédéric CieutatPCD is so worthwhile because the theme of innovation enables us to take the time to talk about technical subjects with our clients. Visitors discover what is feasible and discuss projects they may have underway. PCD is an excellent platform to present innovations!“

Pierre Ducastin, L’Oréal

Pierre Ducastin “Prospects in ten to fifteen years indicate that the global turnover of the cosmetics sector may double. Innovation will have an important part to play! PCD is a congress-exhibition that features presentations based on innovation, which attract large numbers of people. It is a highly professional show, a venue for dealing with operational issues. It is a resounding success, with tremendous momentum! Keep it up!“

Michel Dupuis, Cojemial Conseils

Michel DupuisPCD is my favorite show; it highlights the dynamic nature of our French industrial fabric, showcasing our creativity! In terms of Awards, we rewarded technical products in very different fields, like hair products, perfume, make-up and the mass market, with small, innovative products. Innovating to enhance customer comfort and convenience is the only means of standing out on the market. Innovation is the way out of the crisis!“

Sandy Gregory, WestRock

Sandy Gregory “We are bringing to the fragrance dispensing world the possibility for brands to match a spray to the positioning of their fragrances with the melody spray collection, which enable consumer to have a more luxury experience and make the consumer be loyal to that brand. ADF & PCD is very synergic, as you know WestRock is involved in fragrances pumps, dispensers for skincare and body care, aerosol, etc, and both work very well!“

Peter Lamboy, Kao Corporation

Peter Lamboy “From my point of view, this is a great evolution to combine ADF & PCD. The best point is that we have a concentration of many companies, this is very good. To get new knowledge thanks to the conferences, it helps us to create new innovations“

Pascale Marciniak-Davoult, Chanel

Pascale Marciniak-Davoult “This edition was exceptional; I am more than pleased with the top quality, state-of-the-art presentations, with a real discussion on new technologies, and the presence of new players. The Awards highlighted excellent technical innovations and motivated teams; here, we all focus on the product, that is what motivates and captivates us. We still have quite a way to go and beautiful things to build!“

Jean-Stanislas Orlowski, PVL Beauté

Jean-Stanislas Orlowski “We presented a new injection technology, « heat and cool », which makes it possible to obtain outstanding surfaces without additional decoration. PCD is a good means to speed up brand decision-making processes.“

Bernard Pouchoux, Martinenq Imprimeurs

Bernard PouchouxPCD is a privileged context to meet our clients and show them our products. We made very interesting contacts with foreign companies, which bodes wellj for our future. We will be back next year!“

Lucie Ray, Pouchet du Courval

Lucie Ray< “For us, it is the only show totally dedicated to innovation, with a technical content one finds nowhere else. The subjects addressed during the conference change every year; they are linked to issues that concern not only us, but also our clients, partners, etc. We met a large number of people. Our client teams were rounded off by marketing and creation teams. These are top quality contacts!“